Growing not growing up

by Alison

I turned 30 at the end of January. The night before, I was doing a bit of drinking thinking and all I could think was if you had asked me what I wanted to do when I was twenty- travel, go surfing and eat cake would probably have been high on my list of priorities. 

Chickpea tagine

by Alison

The days are finally starting to feel a little longer. Coming home in the evenings I am now more likely to be treated to a glowing sunset rather then darkness. However its only February, the weather is still cold and it will be a while before we can bid farewell to the scarves, hats and gloves that have been keeping us cosy this winter. 

Home brewing part 2: blackberry and elderberry wine

by Ollie, 03/02/2015

Last october on Halloween, Alison and I went to the community garden in Moy to join the celebrations of the harvest festival. My contribution to the evening was my first ever home made wine, an elderflower wine I had made a few months before.
I tasted it myself before I brought it to the garden to make sure it wasn't poison, would make a person blind or, would just be a nice wine. It actually tasted pretty good, although, because I had used bread yeast it had a rather funny after taste of, well, bread.
That didn't stop people drinking it though and five minutes after I put it on the garden's table the wine was nearly finished off. It seemed I had done something right.
Encouraged by that success I decided to start on another wine, this time a wine made from locally foraged blackberries and elderberries.