#Surfcity Lahinch - Part 2

by Alison, 25/05/2015

The last time I wrote, I proposed that it is the people and the waves that make this place special. The last weekend in April was a classic example of the quality and variety of waves that is on offer. 

#SurfcityLahinch- Part 1

by Alison, 10/05/2015

Yesterday my friend handed me a sticker which read #Surfcity Lahinch. Much like the Wild Atlantic Way he is rebranding something that already exists but in an incoherent and tangled form. To create the Wild Atlantic Way all that was done, was the addition of some road signs and the production of some beautiful videos and articles. For now #SurfcityLahinch is a much smaller project however it follows the same concept of appreciating something we are surrounded by on a daily basis, promoting and sharing it with others. Whether we grew here or flew here, we love this little town and its surrounding waves.