#Surfcity Lahinch - Part 2

by Alison, 25/05/2015

The last time I wrote, I proposed that it is the people and the waves that make this place special. The last weekend in April was a classic example of the quality and variety of waves that is on offer. 
Unfortunately because we wanted to squeeze in two surfs on the Sunday we don't have photographs of a selection of breaks. Instead our photographic focus that day was on one place that is special to a lot of people. The majesty of the cliffs, the variety of wildlife, the chance of solitude and the most spectacular sunsets draw people from all walks of life. However for surfers it is what lies below that calls them. Underneath the cliffs is one of the most beguiling waves in Ireland.

Aileens, Aill na Searrach, Leap of the Foals, the Cliffs, since the time of Celtic mythology this place has resonated with people. The colours of the water range from gun metal grey to emerald green. From above the barrels can look picture perfect, from below the sound of the surf pounding on the shore-line resonates and vibrates through your whole body. 

There is nothing casual or normal about the wave or the location. The sheer size and volume of the waves, combined with the massive boulders and towering cliffs inspire awe.

That Sunday will remain in my memory. The cliff tops became a stadium as crowds of people sat in the sunshine watching Shane Dorian and a massive crew of bodyboarders and surfers put on a display. 


  1. Amazing pictures! Can't believe we couldn't make it! Hope you had a great time

  2. Those picture bring me two years back. I like adventures but now so busy that can make any leisure. wish you pass a great time.

  3. Surfers are always try to go fast then big waves and they win. Thanks for sharing such great pictures.

  4. What a Amazing pictures! I love it.Thanks for shearing this articles