Ocean Earth 2015 Surf Photographer Search

by Alison, 28/06/2015

About a month ago, on a last minute decision I entered the Ocean Earth 2015 Surf Photographer Search organised by The Mermaid Society. The Mermaid Society is an Australian based surf culture website that aims to provide quality information regarding women's beach and surf sports. It focuses on a holistic view of women's engagement in water sports, providing positive role models and inspiration. This was the second year of the photography competition and the first year that it was open to international competitors. Each entrant had to submit three photos and provide a profile on their involvement with the sea.
The competition had an incredible response with entries from 183 people. I was absolutely delighted to be selected as one of the top 25 entries and I wanted to share the images I submitted here. The images reflect different elements of my surfing life. 

The top image is from our trip to Nicaragua in 2015. These sunsets are ingrained in my mind. Every evening the  light was spectacular. These evenings hanging out on the beach, surfing, taking photographs, doing yoga or just chatting were so special. The middle image is from our home break, Lahinch beach. Every so often it produces peelers that are perfect for long boarding. I love grabbing my log and hitting the water. It's even better now that there is a solid crew of girls who are always ready to get salty.  The final image is of Pauline Ado, France, from the Cascais Women's Pro 2014. It was so inspiring to see the world's elite up close. 

I would highly recommend clicking the following link, Ocean Earth 2015 Surf Photographer Search, to see the rest of the top 25 entries. The images submitted are stunning and will make you want to drop everything and head to the sea. 


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