Sørensen - Equipment for an active lifestyle

by Alison, 20/02/2016

Late last year we were approached by Rasmus Sørensen a Danish designer who owns Sørensen. Sørensen (http://soerensencph.com) is a young company who create products designed to fit an active lifestyle. At present they have a collection of watches and bags that are designed to take you from the beach to the office to the bar without compromising on style or function.

In a word

by Alison, 4/01/2015

Looking back at 2015 if I was to choose one word to represent the year that would have to be 'aspire'. We both made changes that hopefully will have a positive impact on our lives. 

I took the challenge to travel alone and the chance to complete the 12 week course in Ballymaloe. 

Ollie left his life on the seas behind and started a masters in Marine Renewable Energy in University College Cork. 

Even though this year provided so many beautiful experiences it has been challenging to make sense of it all. Since returning home from Ballymaloe, the most frequently asked question seems to be 'So what are you going to do now?' This question tends to stump me. I seem to answer it differently every time its asked.  That's partly why it has been radio silence here on the blog.  Ollie has been completely bogged down with college work and I have pretty much had writers block as I try to figure out things in my own head.

For 2016 I think a good word would be opportunity. We have reached our previous goals and now we are open to new possibilities. Heres to having an open mind and creating new goals as chances arise.