Sørensen - Equipment for an active lifestyle

by Alison, 20/02/2016

Late last year we were approached by Rasmus Sørensen a Danish designer who owns Sørensen. Sørensen (http://soerensencph.com) is a young company who create products designed to fit an active lifestyle. At present they have a collection of watches and bags that are designed to take you from the beach to the office to the bar without compromising on style or function.

We were delighted when Ramus asked us to complete a review of his Møns Klint Watch Collection. This is the first time we have collaborated with anybody else on the blog and it still seems incredible that somebody would see our photographs and like them enough to contact us. The collection arrived in early January and for the last month we have been wearing them in all types of situations- in the surf, out hiking, in work and college and finally whenever we go out. 

After posting about them on our instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/gorseandcoconuts/) and showing them to friends we got lots of positive comments on how much people liked the design, however being surrounded by practical people they wanted to know how the watches function.

Unfortunately after testing these watches in the sea and in pool, I have to be honest and say that for the moment these watches are not fully waterproof. We have used them a number of times and sometimes they remain dry and at other times droplets form on the inside. There seems to be a flaw when you take them from very cold to warm conditions after having them in the water. For example, if you surf in January and then take them indoors, condensation builds up on the side of the glass. We have fed this back to Rasmus and I am impressed by his attitude. He is re-considering the design and is hoping to resolve this issue as soon as possible. He has also updated his website advising that for the moment these watches are not to be used for surfing (http://soerensencph.com/product/black-red-black/).  

The watches are comfortable to wear, and they are beautifully designed however for the moment they are just for land based activities. Hopefully Rasmus will resolve the issue as soon as possible and we will keep you posted.


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